Thailand 🇹🇭 to Cambodia 🇰🇭 

Once our Air Asia plane touched down in Cambodia, I knew that this place was sure going to be an adventure. The first thing I inferred from Cambodia that it is rich in culture. When you first walk in the airport, you see a large bronze Buddha. This Buddha was spectacular, unique, none I have ever seen before. We planned to get visas on arrival, so we headed to the visa application line. It was a very fast-moving process, I was so surprised! The fee for the visa was 30 USD per person. The reward was far greater than the fee in my opinion. You got a sparkling visa stamp and a pass to an adventure. Once we stepped foot outside the airport, we were greeted by a friendly man from Golden Temple and my dad (which was a suprise). Golden Temple is the name of our hotel for the trip. Upon entering the van that was waiting for us, we were offered beverages. Along the way, the friendly man pointed out sights and even briefly explained Cambodia’s history. The ride lasted for about 20 minutes until we arrived at this nature looking entrance. It was beautiful!

There were steps leading across a small pond to the reception desk. One of the staff members stood there and gave us the Cambodian welcome. He directed us towards the seating area and checked us in efficiently. After we checked in, we were shown around the premises including the swimming pool

and the computer area.

Finally we were shown to our room (yay!). When we arrived in our room, it felt modern and homey (perfect!).

The bed even revealed bits and pieces of the Cambodian religious culture. The culture was displayed through the lotus flowers that were placed so carefully on the bed.

The lotus flower is Buddhist. Next the hotel staff explained to us how to do this, if this was free, if you need any help and so on and so on. We settled down for the night in our rooms and the staff brought up our luggage. But wait… they brought up delicious welcome drinks, sticky rice, fruit, and nuts. So delicious! I would give today a thumbs up. Goodnight!


Australia: Let’s Have the Time of our Holidays!

Today, I woke up to my first sight of Sydney covered in daylight. It was so beautiful and the city seems so welcoming! If you are still reading this, well you are in for a surprise! Click below, if you dare *evil laugh*.  Continue reading

Bali: Here we come!

On Friday we left Bangkok in the afternoon and took the airport rail link to the Suvarnambumi airport. Our flight was from Bangkok to Singapore to Bali. We flew through Tiger Air it is a good price and a good overall experience, but taking buses from the plane to the airport and back gets very tiring. Also if you fly Tiger Air and want a good price, the good price plane tickets are the ones that have a long layover. The Singapore airport is so cool! The airport had a movie theater, computer area, a garden, and a gaming area. Our layover was very long, but it didn’t seem long because there was so much stuff to do in the airport. Plus, if you are tired then don’t worry about sleeping on the uncomfortable chairs meant for sitting, there is a sleeping area with mini beds. You should be aware that the Singapore airport is super cold, so you should  bring a long sleeve jacket. No wonder the Singapore airport’s Starbucks is so busy. Singapore also has a Mc. Donald’s where you can order my favorite, Hotcakes. We flew out the next morning and we arrived in Bali late in the morning. Our hotel was Hard Rock Bali, it was relatively close to the airport. The staff at the hard rock were very friendly. They greeted us with a delicious welcome drink. The welcome drinks in Bali are so good! I recommend you stay at the Hard Rock Bali because it is a very kid friendly hotel. The pools is huge and it even has a water slide and a water play area. The staff runs pool activities mostly for the kids but some of the activities like water arobics included mostly adults. For adults, the pool offers a bar, this bar is situated on the waters edge so guests do not have to get out of the pool.  I recommend you order the Oreo lover which is an Oreo milkshake, it was so delicious! For lunch, we grabbed food at the hard rock café. I ordered chicken fingers and a Coke. I was under the impression and so were the others and my table party that the soft drinks were bottomless. When we received our check we were surprised that the staff have charged us extra for refills. Most of the hard rock café locations that we have been to do not charge for extra refills. We explained this to our waiter and he offered no explanation instead he just highfived one of the guest in our table party. When we were leaving another waiter asked us how experience was and my moms said we had a bad experience and the waiter simply stated and you. At the door was stationed another waiter who asked us how our experience was and again we told him we had a bad experience and again the waiter said thank you. I don’t get it. Is that their goal? Is their goal for their customers to have a bad experience at the restaurant? Because it sure seems that way. We later learned that the management was different at both the restaurant in the hotel. The restaurant should adopt the hotel management, because that management seems better. In the hotel, we ordered milkshakes. Do not be fooled by the word, this milkshake is so different from the milkshakes in the US. This milkshake that I had received, was a very milky milkshake. I’m not complaining I’m just giving a heads up if you happen to order one. We got room service and decided to call it a night. Finishing up the day we watched one of the free movies that this hotel offers which was Ice Age collision course. I grew up watching turn Ice Age movies and I was severely disappointed watching this movie, for me it didn’t have a lot of action and it isn’t seem to keep me engaged and wanting more. For now, goodnight!