Henna Tattoo in Cambodia

My friends that have visited Cambodia, have raved about this tattoo. A week ago I was in Cambodia at the Old Market and I decided to get this tattoo. At the booth, they had albums of different designs that you could pick from. I was looking for a particular design so I searched photos of henna tattoos on Pinterest and picked out one of an elephant. As you can see below. 

I decide to get it on around my ankle because it was less likely to come off compared to my hand. We bargained back and forth and settled on a 3 USD price. Just get in mind, the price depends on the size of the design you want. 

It turned out amazing I have to say! They first drew the design with a pen and then with the henna ink. I had to let the ink dry  for an hour before I touched it. 

The next morning I woke up and the ink was peeling. I was like “that was such a waste of $3.”But when I was at school, my friend, Chiharu told me that it was supposed to be like that. She said that I could peel it off. So I did and it turned out like the picture below. The picture below is how the henna is supposed to look like. 

So far, it has stayed on for about a week and counting. I bet if I wasn’t in the pool or doing sports it would stay longer. 

Overall, it was a really cool experience to get the henna tattoo since I have never gotten it before. If you are interested, I recommend you get it.