Photo Challenge: Quest

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Henna Tattoo in Cambodia

My friends that have visited Cambodia, have raved about this tattoo. A week ago I was in Cambodia at the Old Market and I decided to get this tattoo. At the booth, they had albums of different designs that you could pick from. I was looking for a particular design so I searched photos of henna tattoos on Pinterest and picked out one of an elephant. As you can see below. 

I decide to get it on around my ankle because it was less likely to come off compared to my hand. We bargained back and forth and settled on a 3 USD price. Just get in mind, the price depends on the size of the design you want. 

It turned out amazing I have to say! They first drew the design with a pen and then with the henna ink. I had to let the ink dry  for an hour before I touched it. 

The next morning I woke up and the ink was peeling. I was like “that was such a waste of $3.”But when I was at school, my friend, Chiharu told me that it was supposed to be like that. She said that I could peel it off. So I did and it turned out like the picture below. The picture below is how the henna is supposed to look like. 

So far, it has stayed on for about a week and counting. I bet if I wasn’t in the pool or doing sports it would stay longer. 

Overall, it was a really cool experience to get the henna tattoo since I have never gotten it before. If you are interested, I recommend you get it. 

Thailand 🇹🇭 to Cambodia 🇰🇭 

Once our Air Asia plane touched down in Cambodia, I knew that this place was sure going to be an adventure. The first thing I inferred from Cambodia that it is rich in culture. When you first walk in the airport, you see a large bronze Buddha. This Buddha was spectacular, unique, none I have ever seen before. We planned to get visas on arrival, so we headed to the visa application line. It was a very fast-moving process, I was so surprised! The fee for the visa was 30 USD per person. The reward was far greater than the fee in my opinion. You got a sparkling visa stamp and a pass to an adventure. Once we stepped foot outside the airport, we were greeted by a friendly man from Golden Temple and my dad (which was a suprise). Golden Temple is the name of our hotel for the trip. Upon entering the van that was waiting for us, we were offered beverages. Along the way, the friendly man pointed out sights and even briefly explained Cambodia’s history. The ride lasted for about 20 minutes until we arrived at this nature looking entrance. It was beautiful!

There were steps leading across a small pond to the reception desk. One of the staff members stood there and gave us the Cambodian welcome. He directed us towards the seating area and checked us in efficiently. After we checked in, we were shown around the premises including the swimming pool

and the computer area.

Finally we were shown to our room (yay!). When we arrived in our room, it felt modern and homey (perfect!).

The bed even revealed bits and pieces of the Cambodian religious culture. The culture was displayed through the lotus flowers that were placed so carefully on the bed.

The lotus flower is Buddhist. Next the hotel staff explained to us how to do this, if this was free, if you need any help and so on and so on. We settled down for the night in our rooms and the staff brought up our luggage. But wait… they brought up delicious welcome drinks, sticky rice, fruit, and nuts. So delicious! I would give today a thumbs up. Goodnight!