Swim Tournament: How I Did…

*Deep breath*. Okay so today was such a busy day. I had my swimming BISAC at Bangkok Pattana school.

Here are the events that I swam: ( The photos are to show you what the stroke looks like)

50 backstroke

50 breaststroke

I’m on lane number 3. I got first place in my heat!

100 freestyle — I got first place in my heat. ( A heat is a group of people in your age group that have about the same time as you)

I’m in the water, just finished off my leg of breaststroke. My friend Rei is diving in and doing the next leg.

Medley Relay (A medley is a combination of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and free style)  Our team got 5th place. We swam with the 15 and older girls because there was a problem with the registration.

50 free style
Free style Relay (We got fifth place, too)

I’ll update this article once I know my stats.

My least favorite stroke is butterfly and backstroke. Probably because I can’t go fast (haha). I think I’m very fast at freestyle but I love breaststroke.

Most of the schools train every day of every week of the year (sometimes even twice a day). Our coach was really proud that we did so well because we started in November.

Overall, it was so much fun! I am kind of addicted to swimming now. Competing is so much fun! What’s even more fun is doing it with your friends! I hope to continue in high school!

Here are some pics from the meet:

I was on lane 2 and got 3rd place.

I am on the farthest lane to the right in the picture above


One thought on “Swim Tournament: How I Did…

  1. Felice & Roman Berezinski says:

    Congratulations Zoe!!!! Well done!!! So very proud of you – what a great and strong swimmer you are!!!!!!!!! Wish I had been there to cheer you on!!! Keep it up and someday you may qualify for te Summer Olympics 🙂 Love, Grandma and Papa


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