The Beginning of a New Chapter

“The envelope is here, open it!” my brother and I screamed after getting the mail from our neighborhood mailbox. My mom left for Iowa for an international job fair earlier in May. She was told that she would receive an envelope in the mail telling her if she got the job or not. Today, was finally the day we had all been waiting for. When the envelope arrived my brother and I were so excited. This could be a once in a lifetime experience, it was something that my mom had wanted for a long time. Our family had been praying so hard hoping that she’d get the job. We each sat on the chairs in our living room. It was very suspenseful when she was opening the envelope. This moment had finally come, now we get to find out!

“Wow!” my mom shouts as she reads the envelope. “What does it say, what does it say?” my brother and I exclaimed at the same time. “Okay,” my mom said very excitedly, as she gave us the papers. “What do you think?” She asks us as we looked at the papers. “Yes,” I scream as I read the papers. Here’s what it says: Dear Mrs.Elizabeth, we are very pleased to say that you’ll be teaching 5th Grade at the American School of Bangkok in Thailand. My whole family hugged each other and congratulated my mom. My mom and dad left the room to get the forms filled out while my brother and I tried to recover from the surprise. 
My mom and dad told me to keep this a secret until school was almost over. It was very hard to keep it a secret because everyone was asking each other if they were coming back in August. My friends were also making plans to get together over the summer. I felt very guilty, at times I felt like I wanted to tell them. As it got closer to the last day of school, I finally told my friends. They were shocked and surprised. After they heard the news, I later found out that they stayed after school to work on a surprise for me, so when the day before the last day came, we cleaned out our lockers. That night students were busy picking out gifts and writing letters to each other. 
Finally, the last day of school has arrived! I felt so sad and happy at the same time. As I got to school I gave all my friends little treats and cards. After that, Mrs.William (my sixth grade teacher) announced the names of the people who hadn’t cleaned out their locker. My name was one of them, but wait I cleaned it out yesterday! I was so confused, so I decided to check it out! Walking to my locker, I was almost crying knowing that this is my last day at St.Simon and Jude! When I got to my locker it was all decorated with little notes and my favorite candy Smarties! My entire class were watching me as I looked at what they had done for me. I took a deep breath in and hugged all of my friends, they were all crying too. Wait, the story is not over, my friends told me to open my locker. As I twirled the combination on the lock, my palms felt wet from all my tears that I had wiped from my face. The locker popped open, I was in shocked,  inside was a box and a scrapbook. I first pulled out the scrapbook which had pictures of all the memories we had in sixth grade! Smiling, laughing, and many other emotions swept me up as I looked at the scrapbook. All my classmates were in there and all of them had signed it! After that I pulled out the box and unlocked it, inside were notes from each person telling me how much they would miss me and more! As I put everything back I thanked everyone and told them I would miss them all. We all exchanged contact information, so we would be able to stay in touch. Finally I said goodbye to my teachers and friends and headed to our house to start packing for the once and a life opportunity I was about to experience. 

Here we go I was thinking through all the tears and smiles.
 A couple weeks later I found myself saying goodbye to a special person in my life, I thought that I’d never have to experience this. Here I was crying as I hugged my dad goodbye. It would be such a long time till I saw him again. There I was letting go, saying goodbye. I found myself wondering if this was really happening to me. I knew that I’d be letting go and saying goodbye a lot in this trip and it was going to be very hard. “We are ready for take off,” said the flight attendant her voice loud and clear, this is now real I thought to myself, my journey has just began!


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