Home or Everywhere Else?

I found another prompt that I’d love to share with you. It’s called Home or Everywhere Else. I found this on Tumblr, they have really good writing prompts on there. I recommend that you check them out
Here’s what the prompt says:

Imagine you live in a society where on your 18th birthday, you (and everyone else) are forced to choose between staying forever in the country where you are from or leaving forever, never come back to your country. If you choose the leaving forever option, you can live, visit, and travel wherever you want in any and every country except the country you come from. What would you choose? Why? Would it be a hard choice for you? What would you be giving up? What would you be gaining?
My response:

If I had to chose between staying forever in my home country or leaving forever. I’d chose leaving forever. This decision is super hard, it was so hard that I had to think about it before I wrote this blog. I’d rather travel in many places then just be confined to one area. The two main points that made my decision the hardest was a. my family and b. traveling. If you stay forever you will travel all over the country and find out that there is nothing left to see. However, if you leave the country there are many other countries you can explore. I’d hope that my relatives would come with me, so we can all be together. I think if they all stayed, that would make my decision way harder. It’s like I’d never see them again and that would be the worst possible situation. I’d miss the food of my home country. But hopefully the other countries would have an import store like here in Thailand. I’d be gaining experience and knowledge. I’d have freedom to explore any countries I wanted except my home country. I’d get to see different cultures, meet new people, experience unique languages, and eat interesting food. Oh and by the way, that’s the worst 18th Birthday present from society ever. How would you like to make that choice so early in your life? Maybe when your older you will regret your decision and you cannot change it. 
What’s your thoughts on this prompt? What would you decide? I’d love to hear from y’all!


One thought on “Home or Everywhere Else?

  1. Felice & Roman Berezinski says:

    I think I agree with your last comment that it’s the “worst” 18th birthday present ever!! What is missing is the fact that although exciting, adventures do not always bring a strong support system of family and friends to rely on when the going gets tough, as: when you feel lost, sick, run out of money to enjoy each new place or look back at your life as you “age”. I think that’s why there is the saying (from OZ) : “there’s no place like home” and the people who know you and love you the most!!!!
    Love you!


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