Truth or Lie

I was introduced to this game by my Australian pen pal. It is a really interesting game and you really have to know the person to play this game.
Here’s how you play:
One person tells 3 truths and one lie

The participants have to guess which is the lie
I’m going to play it with you, my readers. Are you up to the challenge? Comment on my lie in the comment box below. 

Lets see how well y’all know me

  1. My favorite food is currently cheese filled pasta
  2. My favorite store is LuluLemon 
  3. My favorite singer is currently Taylor Swift
  4. My favorite color is bluish-greenish 

Is it hard? Think about it and then comment below! If you get it correct I will give you a shout out! Love y’all!!


One thought on “Truth or Lie

  1. Felice & Roman Berezinski says:

    So I would say the first two items are correct about you and possibly number three – though when you were 11, you told me you liked Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire” and for number four, you told me you liked purple!
    But you’ve moved away and grown up so and now, as a teenager, I’m sure you’ve changed your preferences – it happens – naturally !! Hope you’ll let me know your answers, down the road or in your next blog 😉
    Love, Grandma


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