Australia: Let’s Have the Time of our Holidays!

Today, I woke up to my first sight of Sydney covered in daylight. It was so beautiful and the city seems so welcoming! If you are still reading this, well you are in for a surprise! Click below, if you dare *evil laugh*.  We ate muffins, that my dad picked up at the grocery store the night before. It is a great breakfast option! After we got dressed, we started our journey by walking down Elizabeth street towards the famous Sydney Opera House. We couldn’t resist to stop by Sky News to watch their broadcasting. About a block away, there was a huge Christmas tree to get everyone in the holiday spirit. My mom picked out this restaurant called Barrio Cellar online. But surprisingly, they weren’t licensed to accept anyone under the age of 18 . In all my years of traveling, I have never heard that excuse before. Haha. Instead, we voted unanimously to get a sweet treat from Mrs. Field’s. The staff were very friendly and professional. I got the sugar cookie with sprinkles. Wow! There cookies are the best! It was a perfect treat. As good as a sugar cookie is, it isn’t a healthy substitute for lunch. So, we asked the locals if there were any Mexican restaurant around. We finally found Mad Mex, a delicious Mexican restaurant. For all my American readers out there, Mad Mex is just like Chipolte. I ordered 3 flour tortillas with pollo (chicken), queso (cheese), y sour cream. See what I did there? Typed in Spanish (wink,wink). The pollo was muy buen. The chicken was very good, it had the right amount of spice to it. The queso melted right into my mouth. I can’t describe how good this restaurant is. Or do I just want an excuse for using Spanish in my blog. By the way, I have been learning Spanish on Duolingo. It is a great site for independent learners like myself. It will also measure how fluent you are in that language and you can choose to add it to your Linkedin account. I will talk about Duolingo in an upcoming blog post. We continued our journey to Circular Quay where we met a famous friend. Just joking, it was more like a famous structure. Can you guess what this so called ‘famous structure’ is? Here’s a rhyme for you:

I am….

I am seashell-like

I am famous

I am swan-like

I am enormous

I am beautiful

I am a symbol of Sydney

I am a theatre

Can you guess who I am?

That’s unfair you are probably googling Sydney now trying to guess what this famous structure is. Okay, you probably know what this famous structure is by this time. I guess I will give the name to you. *Deep breath* Here it goes: Drum roll please…………………………………………………….. Please welcome the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw the Sydney Opera House, it was never what I had imagined. 

It was breathtaking, I had to take a step back and pinch myself it was cray cray (another word for crazy 😃) I read up on the Opera House and the architect wanted it to look like a seashell, swans, and sails. We took photos, actually I am lying. We took SOOO much photos. We envied the captains as we watched them through the glass windows have a fancy lunch at the Opera House restaurant. I cannot describe it, the Opera House is just WOW! Next to the Opera House is the Royal Botanic Gardens. It was pretty, but there was no way I could fully focus on the gardens you just keep looking and taking photos of the Sydney Opera House. I know I seem like this person who just takes photos at every turn. But I’m not, this is just a very special ocasssion. So we decided to take the chu-chu train around the gardens because there was no way that we were going to walk around all the gardens. It was perfect for us because you could hop on and hop off at the 4 different stops along the way. It comes pretty regularly around 15-20 minutes depending on the amount of customers that day. Along the way, the train conductors give you some history. We got of at the second stop which is called IDKKKKKK. There was a wharf there which was within walking distance from the stop. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed with the wharf because there was just restaurants. I was expecting a good balance of shops and restaurants. But the view was pretty nice and the water was super clear. We walked through the Ovolo Woolloomooloo hotel from the outside it looked like a pretty cool hotel. The hotel housed the wharf museum which I think was a very ineteresting. It made me curious. So if any of you stay there remember me😂. We walked down the sidewalk hugging the harbor towards the Australian naval base full of ships. It was a nice walk to see more of Woolloomollo. Then, we backtracked towards the stop we had gotten off and hopped on the train till the very last stop. At the very last stop, we wanted to visit Mackaquaris chair. It turned out to be a very disappointing sight. Although nowI can say I’ve sat in the Mackaquaris chair. We walked down towards the train disappointed and we saw an unwelcoming sight at the train stop. The train was full. Luckily, the stop had a great view of the Sydney Opera House so we used this as an excuse to take more pictures. Also, the trains were running in pretty regular intervals because it was a more busy season. So, we were able to get on the next train. Once we arrived at the front entrance of the Royal Botanic Gardens, we moved towards the Sydney Opera House gift shop. You have to go! I got a postcard and a beautiful key chain for 13 AUS DOLLARS. Coincidentally, on our way back to Circular Quay there was a Baskin Robbins. Also, it happened to be a very sunny day. Hey, whatever it takes for a good excuse to get some ice cream! I got the mint chocolate chip with a big cake cone. While we were enjoying our icream we walked over to the Rocks. I love the Rocks, they have everything from shops to restaurants to art galleries. We went to a Mexican place called Catina Camino. We helped ourselves to unlimited chips and Dad and I shared the fajitas. By the way, I have noticed that even at 8:00 P.M. it is still light out which is super weird. We had a full day and another full day ahead so we walked back to our hotel to get some rest.  Goodnight!





2 thoughts on “Australia: Let’s Have the Time of our Holidays!

  1. Gen Saxe says:

    I get to hear more about your trips than from your mom!!!😂 Thank you for keeping me in the loop! I miss you Zoe.
    And if at age 18 I had to make a choice, I’d leave my country too and travel away! I wish I had the adventures that you do! They are invaluable and make you a strong, independent individual.
    But I still miss you!


  2. Felice & Roman Berezinski says:

    Sooo much fun to read of your initial impression of the Sydney Opera House and how much sightseeing you packed into each day! Wonderful . Lucky YOU!!!!!


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