Hong Kong: We’re on our way!

After school, we took a taxi from GrabTaxi to the Don Mueang Airport. I recommend you take the tollway because it is easier and faster to get to your destination. Since, Bangkok has very congestive traffic in certain areas, especially downtown. We were lucky to get a super nice and professional driver to take us to the airport. At Don Mueang, there is a lot of food options, you can even get food before you check in. They even have Subway and Garret’s popcorn, which are two of my favorite restaurants. At Subway, I got a delicious foot long sandwich. For dessert, we got Garret’s cheese popcorn, I do not recommend this popcorn since it is too cheesy.  Once we checked in and went through immigration, there were more food options including Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme is now serving holiday donuts! About time, Krispy Kreme! My favorite Christmas donuts have tons of frosting! My favorite holiday for Krispy Kreme donuts is Halloween. I like Halloween donuts because they have my favorite donut, the green monster. Our airline is Air Asia, Air Asia has many good deals. For the good deals, the tickets are inexpensive but most of the time you take a bus to the plane. When the bus turned, my mom lost her balance. So be careful on the bus! Finally, we boarded the ad covered plane. After landing, we had to take the tram to immigration. At immigration, we got a loose immigration sticker. The valuable sticker is so small that you can easily lose it. We decided to take the airport train to our hotel. I recommend the airport train because it is comfortable, had wifi, and the seats were very spacious and relaxing. We took the airport train to the Hong Kong station. At the Hong Kong station, we needed to take the blue bus that said H1. Our hotel was only two stops on the blue, H1 bus. Our hotel is named iClub. We checked in, we got two rooms that were ‘connecting’. Once we got up to our room, we realized that the rooms weren’t ‘connecting’. When we checked in, we thought the rooms were inner connecting via a door between rooms. But what we got was totally different, their idea of ‘connecting’ was side by side rooms. Wow! On the bright side, the rooms were  very modern and the view was nice. Inside the room, the bed was pushed up to the window sill, so you could fall asleep to a scenic Hong Kong night skyline. Overall, today was one heck of a day!


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