Bali: Let’s catch a wave

We woke up from a very relaxing sleep thanks to the hotel’s comfy beds. Another thing I absolutely love about Hard Rock is that they have a buffet breakfast every morning. Their breakfast selection is very international. For those of you who love pancakes beware, once you walk back to your seat with a plate full of pancakes they are cold.  After breakfast, we went for an early morning walk on Kata Beach. Hard Rock is located across the street from Kata beach, so it is very convenient to get from one place to the other. Our family wanted a peaceful walk to take in the surroundings instead we got stopped time and time again with people soliciting surfing lessons. If you want to do surf lessons I think Bali is the place to do it because it is cheaper than going to a surf school. If you are a person who wears glasses, DO NOT wear them in the water. My dad lost his glasses and the water wasn’t clear so it was impossible to find them. But somehow a local that my mom asked found the  glasses and we gave him a reward. Next thing, we know after lunch my mom loses her sunglasses although she had another pair it was unfortunate. We decided to get boggy boards for 2 hours and it was a very economical price. Beware: I got a huge rash from boggy boarding and it stung, it doesn’t heal at for at least two weeks without medicine. We went to the Hard Rock restaurant inside the hotel (it wasn’t Hard Rock Cafe), I ordered a Shirley Temple for the second time in my whole life (it was so good)! In the evening, me and my dad went out exploring 
I recommend you go to Kata Beach for the sunset because it is so spectacular and those of you who love photography, it is so picture perfect!



2 thoughts on “Bali: Let’s catch a wave

  1. Felice says:

    Great reading your two articles on Bali and thanks for giving helpful travel hints of where to stay and what to do!! Loved the photos! What anecperience!! Can’t wait to read about more of your adventutes❤️


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