Welcome to The Adventures of Zoe blog!


Have you ever ? I’m Zoe! The founder of The Adventures of Zoe. I created Adventures of Zoe  to show my family and friends my adventures. But as I sit here in my desk writing this blog post, I can’t help but wonder if my blog has grown into something more. Day by day, I get more readers. As I check the statistics, I am shocked that my other blog has gone to 0 page viewers to a total of 150 page viewers and growing. My main goals for this blog are:

  • to inform my viewers all about different places in the world.
  • if you are my friends and family then I want to keep you updated on the places I’ve been
  • if you are a traveler (that’s perfect) you can read all my reviews on the places I’ve been
  • you can ask me questions about my experiences
    • I’ll respond daily to your answers unless I am on a trip
    • I want to help make your trip as perfect as possible
    • or if you just want to know more about these places feel free!
  • I do not receive any sponsors so you know that my blog is 100% factual.
    • If my experiences were bad, then I will tell you about it
    • If my experiences were good, then you surely have to visit there

In my upcoming entries, you will hear about my latest trips. Since, I just started you will be reading about my trips from a month ago. But after that, all my trips and entries will be up to date. I will keep you interested and blog about my favorite parts. I’ll even include pictures!

I can keep writing and writing but that won’t want to make you read my blog posts even more!  Plus, you can’t say you don’t like something if you don’t try it! So, after you read my first travel blog post then you can make your decision. All I can say is that you will be coming back for more!

Love from Bangkok,



8 thoughts on “Welcome to The Adventures of Zoe blog!

  1. donethkm says:

    Awesome blog! We are very impressed with your blog and writing. You are a very talented writer! I can’t wait to hear about your next adventure. ❤️


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